Krabi Take 2

April 21st-24th, 2016

After being home for 3 days, MC and I packed up our bags and headed out to Krabi. Getting to Krabi involves an hour and a half bus ride to the airport, hour flight & van ride to the hostel on Ao Nang.

Gladys and Jeff were meeting us there so after getting in late and checking into the hostel, we went for pizza since we had one farang meal to eat before our foodie friends landed.

Day 1:


We headed for the beach bright and early and found our spots on the beach. After 5 hours we were hungry so we walked about 10 steps up to the beach front restaurant to order lunch. I had a blueberry smoothie and chicken salad, which were delicious. After, we walked the 10 steps back down to the beach and continued to lay there (hard life…I know).

A few hours later, Gladys and Jeff got in and met us at the beach. The rest of our day consisted of laying, sun bathing, ocean swimming and some serious r&r (oh and some photo shoots…). After watching the sunset, we went home and changed before we walked up to Muslim Street (at night, there are stands outside of the mosque that sell street food and different souvenirs). We ended at a seafood restaurant there before heading home for the night.

Day 3:

We had booked a speed boat day tour to Koh Phi Phi so we met down by the beach at 8:30. We went to a bunch of places on the island, snorkeled, swam in caves, laid in the sun, ate lunch and got thrown around in a speed boat for a few hours. Honestly the details of where we went are a bit fuzzy (it was a long day ok…also, this is what I get for blogging late). But it was a fun, long day that involved a lot of sun, a sore back (the speed boat was SO bumpy!) and a lot of tourists.

Afterwards, we went to dinner at a Thai restaurant by our hostel and then went out since it was our last night with Gladys and Jeff. First, we went to this area on Ao Nang that is basically an alley with 5 bars at the end of it, all with men fighting for you to pick their spot to pull up a stool at. We sat down at one that MC had been to before and ended up watching a few guys break dance and throw fire, before we headed back up the other way to a place that we had heard hip hop (that’s rare in Thailand…) at the night before. They were closing but we made friends with the bartender and his 2 friends so then we ended up meeting them back at the original bar, which was a lot more fun the second time we went. I think it’s important to note that I tried to go home twice to go to sleep but Gladys (wow times have changed) convinced me to not be a grandma. We ended up dancing until 3:00am, getting toasties at 7-11 and then heading back to the hostel.

Day 4: After waking up and checking out, we went with Gladys and Jeff to their hotel that they were staying in for the rest of their time in Krabi. We swam in the pool and had a photo shoot until it was time for MC and I to go catch our van to the airport.

This was my second time in Krabi and every time I love it more and more. Thanks to monsoon season it will be a few months, but I am looking forward to being back there soon(ish)!


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