It’s Pronounced Poo-ket

Phuket: the largest, and possibly one of the most known by those back home, island in Thailand.

This past weekend, not only did I get to check Phuket off my bucket list, but I got to go with MC and Belen (2 of my line sisters)! It’s always nice to be in new places with old friends.

We stayed in the Bodega hostel which was awesome BECAUSE Dain, the guy in charge, IS FROM KIRKLAND! It’s a small world after all…

I am going to drop some shocking news. I have been in Thailand for 3 months and hadn’t laid on a beach in the sun until this weekend. Yes folks, Thailand is not all blue skies, sun shine & beaches. I was starting to think MC or I were jinxed since we had tried multiple times before but were always greeted with monsoons/rain/storms/etc. But not this weekend! Must have been my sacrifices to the Gods last week…(I’m joking)

Every trip, MC and I use it as an excuse to eat like we’re not in Thailand. AKA not Thai food. Dinner on Friday? Italian. Lunch on Saturday? Mexican. Breakfast on Sunday? American. Speaking of, I had a bagel! Yes, big deal. So. YUMMY.

We stayed near Patong Beach, walked down Bangla Road, got tatted, ate ice cream, laid out, said no to whatever everyone was selling about 300 times, bought souvenirs, ate good food and relaxed.

I definitely plan to go back another time this year to explore more, but over all, Phuket and I had a great first introduction.

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