Good Friends, Good Vibes

Last Saturday, seven of us piled into a van and drove North to see sunflowers, monkeys & a market. The squad = me, MC, Ally, Darian, Naomy, Erin and Boy, one of our Thai friends! Here, to rent a van & driver for the day (8am – 7pm), it cost us 3000 baht = $85. Not too bad Thailand.


Our first stop were the sunflower fields. They were beautiful, bug-free & a gorgeous back drop for some serious photography. Here are some photos of my pretty friends ❤

Next, we drove to see the monkeys and eat lunch in Lopburi. Monkeys have seriously taken over this city and at any moment, some intense scene from Planet of the Apes is going to take place. They are everywhere. We were told that the good monkeys are the ones on the temple and the bad monkeys the ones in the city. Well, I’m not sure how sound that advice is since the temple is in the middle of the city and the monkeys do not know boundaries. Anyways, the monkeys were scary and definitely in communication about how to mess with the tourists there.

The large landmark with the 3 prangs, is called Phra Prang Sam Yot and is 800 years old, dating back to the Khmer era.

Suphan Buri

After, we found ourselves at the Sam Chuk market in Suphan Buri. Sam Chuk is a 100 year old market and offers a glimpse into an old way of life, one that was dependent on waterborne trade. It has been well taken care of since the way of life has changed, and now is a market known for its rare traditional dishes and desserts.

It was a lovely Saturday spent with lovely people in a lovely place. Thanks to our tour guide, Boy, for showing us around!

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