Follow The Yellow Brick Road To BKK

December 16-18, 2016.


I didn’t realize the way of life I had become accustomed to in my quiet town until I stepped off the bus and found myself lost in the crowds at Victory Monument. Bangkok is a city of excess.


We stayed at Bodega, a hostel close to Sukhumvit road, which is a quick walk from Soi Cowboy (think Hangover 2). Sukhumvit Road is 248 miles long, beginning in Bangkok and winding its way East all the way to Cambodia.

The reason Bangkok was my destination this past weekend was because Catt, a bestie from high school, was in town so of course we had to see each other. Catt had been in Bangkok for three days and had yet to eat any street food, so after checking into the hostel, we set out with the goal to eat ourselves into a food coma from food carts. Quickly seeing that all nearby street food looked questionable, we decided to postpone the street food bucket list item for the next day and we crossed the street to Terminal 21. Each level of Terminal 21 is decorated to look like a different city from across the world. Rome, San Francisco, Istanbul, Japan…it was way cooler than any mall at home. The top two floors were food so, obviously, that’s where we went. It shouldn’t be a surprise to hear that MC and I eyed the Mexican restaurant like a child consuming candy for the first time in their life; I had beef for the first time since being here (there is a lack of cows in this country, sky rocketing the cost of anything beef) and it was all that I wanted it to be. My International Food Weekend consisted of Mexican food (twice), Indian food, Coldstone and Krispy Kreme. I was a lot happier than my wallet was, although I quickly justified my extravagant food purchases due to the fact, well, that food…is life. #treatYoSelf, am I right?

Speaking of excess, Saturday morning I, first, ate at a buffet (lol) and then second, went to the Chatuchak weekend market. Chatuchak Market (nickname: JJ Market) should be a synonym for abundance, as the market covers 27 acres, containing 15,000 booths. We walked around for 5 hours and if it weren’t for my aching feet I think I could have spent another 5 there. Beyond the bags, fans, silks and almost any other good you could ever want, we also checked Catt’s street food item off our list…seven times.

The best fried chicken I’ve had since I’ve been here

After Chatuchak Market and some much needed rest, we made our way to Octave Rooftop Bar & Lounge for happy hour! Located on the 49th floor, on top of the Marriott, Octave is a pretty sweet spot to find yourself at any point during your time in Thailand. We met up with some other friends (Naomi, Darian, Amanda, Ashley, Renee, Paige), sipped on some cocktails and took in Bangkok for all it had to offer. Very different from where I spend most of my time, this was another one of those ‘wait, I live here?‘ moments.


The rest of my time in Bangkok continued to confirm what I already knew to be true, I (Dorothy) wasn’t in Kansas (Thanyaburi) any more. We danced the night away on Soi 11 (Levels + Sugar), slept on a REAL mattress, ate lunch and explored Siam Square before making our way back home.

Up next? MC, Sione, Kathryn & Azzeddine take Northern Thailand!

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