100 Baht a day.

I somewhat randomly decided on 100 baht being a possible but strict daily budget to adhere to during the work week.

100 baht is roughly $2.80 back home.

There are a few exceptions to my budget. For example, I don’t count water (since like, it’s a necessity) or the gym. And if I need cleaning supplies or groceries, I’m going to go buy them. But for the normal day to day things, I do my best to only spend 100 Baht. My main motivation in doing this is so I can travel as much as possible while I am here, without feeling stressed for money.

Here is a week worth of my ~100 baht daily purchases for you.


Not pictured: my post gym smoothie (20 baht)

For dinner, I ate rice, cabbage, chicken teriyaki & chicken katsu. (40 baht)

For lunch the next day, I bought a salad (35 baht) and pineapple (20 baht).

Total: 115 baht (woops!)

I ate dinner with Ally and Boy at a som tam place near by! We had papaya salad, corn salad, sticky rice, pork & a pork soup. We split the bill & each paid 60 baht.  Not pictured is the banana (9 baht) & kitkat (25 baht) I bought on the way home!

Total: 94 bahtimage1 (2).JPG


We got to go to a conference in Bangkok, which the best part of the entire thing was the free buffet lunch! Free…as in ZERO BAHT! I had green curry, fish, fried rice, vegetables and such good coconut sticky rice!

IMG_0601.JPGI was still full (read buffet image2.JPGabove) so on my way home I bought some phad see ew (10 baht) for dinner.

For lunch the next day, I bought melon (20 baht) and spring rolls (30 baht).

Total: 60 baht

Thursday AKA Thanksgiving!

Turkey meal doesn’t exist here so instead I went ALL out tonight!

For dinner, I got the most delicious thing ever from the market! Chicken satay with cucumber, onion & peanut sauce (50 baht) and some sticky rice (10 baht). It was so good! And the best part was I got to eat in on my bed watching Crazy Stupid Love. FullSizeRender (1).jpgFor tomorrow, I bought some spring rolls and melon! (sense a pattern?)
Then for the weekend, I got a salad, some more spring rolls and a bunch of tiny bananas!

Total: 200 baht (for like 4 meals!)


On my way home, I got a smoothie (25 baht) and some rice (10 baht) but I forgot to take a picture. The rest of the night I had food that I bought yesterday!

Total: 35 baht.

SO, now you can get an idea of what I eat but also what $3 can buy you here. For the 5 days, I spent 504 baht which is just over $14. Not too bad!

Now, I’m going to go eat the salad I bought Thursday and keep watching Gilmore Girls 🙂

Happy Friday to everyone back home!

Lots of love,


4 Replies to “100 Baht a day.”

  1. Wow Sione, your post is making me hungry! All of that food looks so delicious, fresh and healthy! I’m happy that your budget is working out for you and that you are having a good time! I hope you enjoyed Gilmore Girls! ❤


    1. Thanks so much Courtney! I love how much you are keeping up with my blog 🙂 Hope you are doing well! ❤


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