Novaturient (adj.): A desire to change and alter your life.

After 21 hours of travel, we got into Bangkok Saturday afternoon completely exhausted, a little bit homesick and pretty sweaty. Today was our second full day here and since then we have started to learn Thai, gotten tips on teaching our classes, met the other ESL teachers we’ll be with, eaten a lot of rice and noodles, seen 1 unhappy elephant, questioned if we made the right choice and definitely missed home…and by home, I mainly mean that I’ve missed tacos.

Change is not easy! Each day so far has brought a different challenge. To be honest, this orientation has felt very overwhelming just due to the 178 other teachers here. It’s like a bunch of adults put in what feels like summer camp but then combined with freshman orientation. In that sense, I’m really excited to be leaving soon to go to our own towns and start teaching.

Even though it’s only been 2 days, I have complete faith that this is what was right for me and that I will end up feeling at home with time. The Thai people are so welcoming and kind, and I love the language. I really only remember hello, thank you and foreigner, but that’s only after 2 days of lessons!

The main tourist attraction we have done is Siam Niramit, a cultural performance which depicts the history of all the regions in Thailand. There was also a large open court which had houses, food and art from various regions, as well as live music and dancing. Here are some pictures from last night!

Well that’s all for now!
Sending lots of love to those back home.

Sawatdee kah!
– Sione


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